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How to develop your ideas in an Art project

Many high school Art students (such as those studying AS or A2 Level Art & Design) must present a Coursework or Exam portfolio that shows development. Students are sometimes confused about what the term ‘development’ means in this context, and are uncertain about how they should go about achieving this. This article endeavours to answer these questions and provides a process by which students can ensure their work develops sufficiently. This is intended as a broad guide only, and should be used only in conjunction with advice from your teacher.

If you are told that your work must show development, your teacher is telling you that your work must change a little (both in use of media and composition) from one piece to the next. In other words, an A Level Art Coursework portfolio must tell a visual story: with a starting point, a conclusion, and a journey in between. It is not acceptable, for example, to show the same things drawn or painted from different angles over and over again, or to execute the same composition first in pastel, then in paint, then in charcoal and so on…or to submit paintings of many different items that have no visual or thematic connection to each other.

‘Development’ means systematically working towards better artwork: trialing, refining and exploring compositional devices and technique, demonstrating to the examiners that you have gone through a learning process and arrived at a successful final piece.

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Enjoy the Funny and Cute Animated Famous Cartoon Characters

We all must have fought to watch our favorite cartoon shows and enjoy the funny and cute animated cartoon characters. Today when Hollywood and superstars stature is phenomenal, fictional carton characters too have achieved name, fame and popularity. Various TV channels, programs and films are made on Cartoon characters. They have the long list of kids fan following.
Some of the most widely popular characters, loved by everyone are-

Mickey Mouse:

Mickey Mouse is an iconic Academy Award-winning comic animal cartoon character. He was created in on November 18, 1928 by the Walt Disney. Mickey is the most famous character. And he has appeared in animated cartoons, comic strips, films, toys, clothes and games along with his love interest Minnie.

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Keeping Costumes Clean and Beautiful

Costumes are a big investment whether they are store-bought, custom-made or handmade by you. Keeping your costume looking and smelling wonderful will enhance your confidence and stage presence. In particular, costumes embellished with beads or other decorations need to be handled with care to preserve their beauty. Precautions to prevent damage and prompt stain removal will give your costumes a long and beautiful life.

Preventing damage

Perspiration is acidic and will damage and stain fabrics. Using dress shields or promptly removing stains prevents acidic damage. It helps to use deodorants or anti-antiperspirants that dry clear; some products leave white residue that transfers unsightly debris to fabrics.

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